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Last week a bulletin went around about a new website coming to Nashville:

>Hey yall,

If any of you read The Nashville Scene last week, you may have noticed the intensional exclusion of PHT's Mucklewain performance aside from the comment at the end saying "This one goes out to Porter Hall Tennessee."

We are tired of working bands in this city being overlooked for the same few bands that get extensive coverage week to week.

Porter Hall Tennessee has just purchased the domain name Can you believe no one has bought this before us? It was a great investment of $5.99 for the year.

With this being said, now we need to do something with it. I am thinking a website/blog where people can post their own thoughts and opinions and it can be run on its own without us having to work it 24/7. I am looking for web designers, writers, and graphic artists that may share the same vision of a true underground informative publication.

We need your help!! I know nothing about running a website and really have no money to invest. I think we could make something happen with the free tools provided and at the very least be able to set up a blog and unbiased concert calender for Nashville.

After we have this up and running, we should start making t-shirts, buttons, and posters advertising our new movement.

OK so who's with me???

Gary Roadarmel
Porter Hall Tennessee

Check it out.

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