Tonight: Deerhunter, No Age, Bows & Arrows @ Mercy Lounge



Do it.

From our Critics's Picks:

DEERHUNTER Perhaps the most surprisingly well-received record of 2007, Deerhunter's Cryptograms transformed this obscure Atlanta band into darlings of the blogosphere. Rave reviews and praise have followed ever since their breakout earlier this year, and the band's most recent EP, Fluorescent Grey, hints toward even better things to come. Initially a harsh, noisy post-punk band, the newly downsized four-piece has since drifted into softer, more ambient territory, all while maintaining a distinct danceability. Deerhunter's recent success has landed them on the road for much of the year, with their manic performances becoming more and more the subject of infamy. Compelling and towering frontman Brandon Cox manipulates his voice into a whirling mass—often while donning a sundress—and the quartet's sound is often less lulling and more confrontational live than it is on record. 9 p.m. at Mercy Lounge —MATT SULLIVAN

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