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U.S.S.A. Duane Denison seems to have a penchant for starting underground rock supergroups. The ex-Jesus Lizard guitarist also plays in Tomahawk, which at one point or another has included members of The Melvins, Battles, Helmet and a guy named Mike Patton. This time around Denison has teamed up with former Ministry and Revolting Cocks bassist Paul Barker. Together the two enlisted longtime clinic drummer Johnny Rabb and relatively unknown vocalist Gary Call to round out the lineup for U.S.S.A. Their debut album The Spoils, released earlier this week, focuses on moody, dark and melodic rock that doesn't always equal the sum of the band's parts. But U.S.S.A.'s interest in the atmospherics and ambience beneath the power chords is their saving grace, balancing the sound somewhere between industrial and post-punk. 9 p.m. at Exit/In —MATT SULLIVAN

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