Nashville Hits Puberty, Makes T-shirt



Uh, I went to Frothy Monkey this morning for coffee and spotted a flyer for a "Nashville is the New L.A." one-year anniversary party tonight at Lot 7. Lot 7 is apparently the new Bar Twenty3, but that's kind of beside the point. (Or is it?) Anyway, so I'm looking at the picture on the flyer (above) trying to mentally note exactly how many levels of gross are going on with this concept, and I can't even find a mission statement for who thinks Nashville is the New L.A., why, what's wrong with them, if it's tongue in cheek or if it will ever stop.

But so far, I can tell their interpretation of L.A. involves edgy haircuts, "attitude" and champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

OK, so then I locate the "slogan": "Celebrate Nashville's Growth as a city and the shirt that says it all!"

Let's not get carried away. OK, let's.

"Take shots off the ice luge! VIP red carpet entrance!"

Back at the office, I began "investigating" this party, which is to say I went to the website and clicked through a few links. After making the least amount of effort possible to find out what the hell is going on, here's what I can tell you:

It's been 1 year!
RSVP Does not grant you a table!
Our Celebration is Today!
You have reached the page of one of the Hottest shirts in Nashville! These shirts have been making their way around the city on the likes of local celebs, bartenders, moms, musicians, high school students, just about everyone is getting their hands on these incredible t-shirts! We have had them in fashion shows, music videos, charity events, cd covers, and much more!! Sold online at as well as the shops listed below you are sure to be spotted and questioned when you wear one of these shirts! Don't take our word for it check out some of the testimonials if you don't believe us and if you have one fill it out in the blog. We want to hear your stories. Why not support one of the fastest and hottest growing cities in the U.S.!!!!! People that dont live in Nashville even purchase our shirts. So whether your in Nashville or not this is the shirt for you. Everyone knows Nashville has hit puberty and if you believe it TRY ON THE SHIRT AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS :)

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