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The Go
All We Seabees
Plex Plex
Magic Mountain Family Band

THE GO W/ALL WE SEABEES After preceding the garage-rock euphoria by a smidge with 1999's Whatcha' Doin' (which included contributions from one-time bandmate Jack White), The Go suffered through label troubles that delayed their return until the wave had passed. While 2004's self-titled second album features a terrific glam-inflected garage stomp, it pretty much disappeared without a trace. On the follow-up, Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride, the band takes a left turn, forgoing their blazing rock for a tuneful psych-pop amble. Following in the footsteps of late-'60s British Invasion acts like The Kinks and The Zombies, their latest grooves to harmony-abetted melodies and easy-going rock shuffles. Opening are hearty local folk-rockers All We Seabees, whose songs feel as intimate as overheard confessions of guilt between long-illicit lovers. Like The Go, they've got a fine sense of melody as well as surprising guile and a graceful shimmy to lighten the step of their loping roots rock. 9 p.m. at The End —CHRIS PARKER

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