Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?



In all its wonky-VHS-to-incredibly-compressed-YouTube-no-fi-ness, it's the "Vandy Girls" New Wave Documentary 1983, courtesy of Practical Stylists.

Update: The videos I embedded in the original post have since been taken down. They have, however, resurfaced thanks to a YouTube user named nashville80srock (who I suspect is the same person), so I've re-embedded them.

Part the First

Wherein we learn the origins of this new music. Or, at least we hear about The Ramones a little bit.

"New wave, punk rock, techno pop, new sound—whatever you want to call it, it boils down to a new movement in musical sound which is sweeping up America's younger generation, much like rock 'n' roll did in the 1950s."

Part the Second

Wherein we meet some real-life punk rockers in bands.

"It's more of an attitude than the music. The music is secondary to the attitude. The attitude is—to us, well, it's pro-alertness. You know, just having a good attitude about everything."

"I'm more or less angry at life, you know?"

Part the Third

Wherein we discover why Nashville was not a new wave epicenter.

Interviewer: "The mohawk is definitely punk. What did your parents say when you got it? Why--why did you get it?"

Interviewee: " 'Cause I've wanted one forever. I just thought they're real neat."

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