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"How I Became the Cherry Bomb" [mp3]

Well, to fan the flames of the How I Became the Bomb/Spoon incident (well, probably a non-incident, but c'mon, let's have some fun), which attracted the attention of Stereogum, I decided to do a mini mashup of the two songs involved, How I Became the Bomb's "Killing Machine" and Spoon's "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb." We alternate between the two intros, then have the Bomb's Jon Burr singing over Spoon's intro. (Disclaimer: it's a very rough mashup, but hey, cut me some slack! I didn't have Burr's isolated vocal track, so I had to include both bands' instrumental tracks, which are at different tempos. But hell, it still sounds tighter than some of the bands I've played in.) I panned them right and left for ultimate effect, so get out those bongs and, what the heck, cue up your DVD of Wizard of Oz—though you'll have to keep restarting the mashup every minute and nine seconds.

And for what it's worth, we're not suggesting any real plagiarism here, just having fun. It's surely coincidental. (And if using the same chord progression were legally actionable, we'd have a gazillion rock bands being sued right now...and what about blues bands?) As some people commented on this topic's previous post (below), the four-chord progression in question isn't even exactly the same: Spoon's is A-D-G-E minor, the Bomb's is A-D-G-C. Not to mention that Spoon uses this progression as a very brief intro, after which it appears only briefly near the end, while the Bomb use it for most of the song. Still, it's kinda funny (well not haha funny) that Spoon's song title has the word "bomb" in it.

And it's worth noting that in the previous post on the topic, Tracy Moore didn't remotely suggest any conspiracy, just noted that they had the same intro. And they are pretty close. But some commenters seemed to think she was calling Spoon out—and you'd have to read alot into her post to think that, given that she practically annointed Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga the greatest record of the year.

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