Did anyone check out 8 off 8th last night?



Only wondering because Cage the Elephant were playing. This is a Bowling Green, Ky., band who sparked a little controversy on our blog recently.

To recap:

Us: Hey, we keep hearing about this band called Cage the Elephant, but they're not from here so what's the big deal?

You: sounds like a case of CAGE RAGE!!!!!

However, it has recently been brought to my attention by Coolfer, who attended a recent label showcase for the band at the Mercury Lounge in New York (with none other than Jason Flom in attendance), that the band is possibly relocating to Nashville (and maybe signed with Interscope? Can't confirm it). He also said: "The band rocked. Very tight, great show, way more energetic than all 20 of us deserved." I checked out their MySpace, which indicates a pretty high-octane sleaze-rock bent with a little funk-inflected grooving.

So did they bring it?

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