Soundcheck: Inside This Week's Music Section



Country Curator: Marty Stuart owns the largest (known) private collection of country music memorabilia, and now he's unveiling it.

Back in Black: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's latest finally lives up to the band's image.

Put a Spell on You: The Comas got a whole record out of singer and guitarist Andy Herod's fling with a Dawson Creek star. What now?

Classical Icon: Michael Daugherty composes love letters to pop culture icons.

The Spin: This week the Spin accomplishes something it never ocurred to us to try before now: we incorporated Ted Danson into a review. Meanwhile Girls & Boys played their last set, The Nobility made the name change official and Turbo Fruits got spaz-core.

Our pick of the week: Bobby Rush. (But we're going to remind you about the Moustache May celebration and Le Tigre DJ set later.)


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