The Kings and/or of Queens



While checking out last weekend's Sweet Sixteen action (Vandy was robbed!), I noticed that the new ad campaign for the final seven episodes of long-running CBS sitcom King of Queens featured music from Nashville rock band Luna Halo, whose lead single to their long, long overdue American recordings debut (it was originally scheduled for Jan. '06) is called "Kings and Queens." Nice match. Not the coolest show on TV but I'm sure the money was good.

But a closer listen revealed that the words in the ad version of the tune were changed from the original chorus hook line of "the kings and queens" to "King of Queens". Have things gotten that desperate? What's next for Nashville bands, The Pink Spiders pimped on Two and a Half Men? Be Your Own Pet's "Damn Damn Leash" used on Ugly Betty? Kings Of Leon's "Trani" on How I Met Your Mother?


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