Grimey's Makes A Cream Dream Come True



For all the debate about the demise of the brick-and-mortar record shops and the triumphant rule of iTunes and digital downloads, the record store still always beats the iPod shuffle. Case in point: I was drooling all over myself to get the new record from British new-ravers* Klaxons, and was even poised to pull the trigger on an iTunes purchase ($9.99), when I decided to hold out for a little time at Grimey's.

Not only did I get the record for $8.99, but free with purchase, I also got 2 bonus Klaxons singles, a friendly chit-chat about new music with avid music fans/clerks Josh, Jonathan and Rollum, and just a little bit of that magic record-store sparkle feeling.

This now makes my secret Cream dream, the totally relevant Nashville Cream posting of the Klaxons video for "Gravity's Rainbow," a reality.

Klaxons - "Gravity's Rainbow" (new album version)

*new-rave is often how the band is characterized, but it's an actual rock band with disco-y beats, futuristic keyboards and a bunch of day-glo. sounds fun, right?


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