Rumor Mill: Merger Mayhem


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According to Brooklyn Vegan, rumor has it that the potential Capital/EMI merger could have ramifications for Astralwerks.
From an anonymous tipster:
Word has it that one of the things they are doing (as of last week) is relaunching Caroline Records which will handle foreign rock projects, create a company called Internationally Known which will be foreign pop stuff and Astralwerks will remain running but only focus on foreign dance/electro type stuff. Though Errol who pretty much created astralwerks will no longer be there. So in other words part of this new label is three ex-US music labels that will focus on three genres and be the label for EMI acts outside of the US to be released here.

Sparklehorse was also dropped from Astralwerks. The only US band i heard that's remaining on there is vhs or beta but that may have changed in the last week.
So, how could this impact Lone Official's wonderful sophomore effort Tuckassee Take, which had been set for a spring release on Astralwerks (it's out on Honest Jon in the U.K.)? Guess we'll have to wait and see—hope it all works out.


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