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Hey, did you know that Erin McKeown is playing at the Basement tomorrow? Because she is. McKeown is one bad-ass lady and I've liked her music for a long, long time. She's sorta folky, I guess, sorta poppy, with elements of early swing that might make your grandmother smile quietly to herself and think about that community dance back in 1944 and the kiss she stole from a sailor on leave.

McKeown is on tour to promote her new album Sing You Sinners, which features songs written by Cole Porter and Fats Waller or taken from Fred Astaire and Nat King Cole. See what I mean about your grandmother?

You can sample tracks off of the new abum on McKeown's MySpace page. The last track on there, "Slung-Lo," is an old number off her 2003 album Grand.


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