JJ Cale night at Family Wash



Well, JJ himself may not be at the Family Wash tonight (Wednesday), but his spirit will be there, as local luminaries pay tribute to the undisputed king of the laid-back groove at the cozy Eastside hangout. In case you don't know him, he's the guy who wrote "Call Me the Breeze" (the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit), a couple of monster hits for Eric Clapton ("Cocaine," "After Midnight") and a zillion other lesser known (though often superior) gems. He's also the guy whose sound Dire Straits shamelessly pilfered.

Scheduled to perform Cale numbers with Pete Finney's Soul Food band are Kevin Gordon, Reeves Gabrels, Nicky G, Tommy Womack, Colleen McFarland, Warren Pash, Eric Brace, Steve Wedemeyer, Jedd Hughes, Curt Perkins and Family Wash co-owner Jamie Rubin.


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