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We spent our last music section of the year letting some local rock kids speak for themselves on the state of 2006 and their hopes for 2007. Wanna know their favorite records of '06? Who they think will rule the scene by '08? What trend they'd love to see retired in '07? (Yes, one such trend is skinny jeans.)

Also, what the crap is going on New Year's Eve? I know, tons of shows in every genre imaginable. Our critics' picks help point the way, and our own Lee Stabert makes an excellent point about having fun on the big night in her round-up of local rock shows bringin' in the new year: keep your expectations low low low. That said, what's everybody doing Sunday night? Is this the year to go out or stay in? Anyone making the trek to Chicago to catch The Features open for the Raconteurs?


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