Best cover songs o' 2006:
Here's where's it's okay to reward unoriginality.

ACO – "I Know What Boys Like" (from the Mask EP)

ACO, a Japanese nu-soul singer/songwriter turned bleep-hop chanteuse, often includes a cover of an American song to reflect where her head, or ear, is at the moment of recording her LPs. She dropped a cover of Radiohead's "Creep" as a B-side when she was in her Bjork phase, and Syretta's "Black Maybe" during the days of opening for Erykah Badu. I don't know what 80's New Wave has to do with Bleep hop and living in Germany. She probably just did it for a laugh. Still, her capture of the late Patty Donahue's flat (and sharp) robotic delivery matches the cold, yet danceable clicks and pops flashing in the background, making the cover a great showcase for her new sound. (somewhere at Dork Nation there's more info on ACO)

Van Hunt – "No Sense of Crime" (from the On the Jungle Floor LP)

I admit it, if I'd gone into a recording career, I'd have probably covered the songs of my youthful idols and my first album would have been all Prince and Bowie. And Rock Box. So what if Van was so obvious as to tell the world how much he loves The Stooges and then cover an Iggy song on his 2nd LP? His version sounds like a cat who emulates Prince and Bowie might make it; with a thumpin' bass for a lovin' race.

Any covers you lot thought interesting this year?


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