Some Beatles Songs Could Be in the Public Domain as Soon as 2012


If the British government rejects pleas to extend copyright in Britain from lifetime plus 50 years to lifetime plus 95 (as it currently is in the United States). Full story here on CNN (thanks to Pablo at Stalking the Muse for the link.)
David Arnold, who composed the scores for four James Bond movies, argues that the 50-year copyright limit discriminates against performers and record companies.

"I don't think anyone involved in music's creation can understand how, after a certain amount of time, it stops being yours and starts being everyone else's," he told Reuters.
My sentiments exactly. Weigh in, please, MTSU RIM grads who took copyright law. And what's the deal with seeming exceptions to this rule, like the issue of Time Warner owning the lyrics to "Happy Birthday to Me," even though the melody—lifted from "Good Morning to All"—is public domain?


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