Friday is Your Last Chance to Dance Dance



I think Haruch commented on this on another thread, but I just wanted to remind peeps that this Friday, Sept. 29 is probably the LAST Left Can Dance party at Ombi Bar. I know, I know, a lot of people aren't "into" dancing, but it was nice having a cheap cover and kickin' tunes every Friday to offset a week of rock shows. Plus, kids got decked out and added some much-needed edge to the fashion of this otherwise uber-casual town. Yes, that's a "fashion-related" comment.

From Left Can Dance:

Just wanted to inform you that Friday will be our last Left Can Dance as it's been this summer at the Ombi Bar. Le Peep / Ombi have been bought and are being turned into a fine dining restaurant. They have asked us to continue to do the Friday night dance party, but we wouldn't be able to start playing until midnight, and we're not sure if the atmosphere would be the same. We may attempt it for the first couple Fridays, but it seems dubious.

We would love your help in getting the word out, or at least helping us to commemorate the passing of Phase 1 of the most successful indie/alternative/electro/etc dance night Nashville's seen yet.

We're hoping Friday will be a huge night as we wave fairwell (for now).

We are trying to find a new home for Left Can Dance, and will keep you updated during our search!!

Thanks for all your support, we love you!!

More Info:
Left Can Dance

Friday, September 29
10pm - 3am
Ombi Bar / Le Peep, Elliston Pl
Free Before 11, $3 After
DJs Courtney & Sam will spin Left Can Dance out in style!


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