I am trying to break your heart, Jeff Tweedy!


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In a press release regarding his new album The Magnificent Defeat former Wilco-an Jay Bennett felt compelled to offer his "official party line on Wilco..."

"As I reflect back on my seven or so years in Wilco, I'm extremely proud of the music we created and what I brought to the band, both in the studio and live. I still listen to the records and love the music we made together. It was only till close to the very, very end that I have any negative memories—that's the honest-to-god truth—and it would be a shame to have three months of intra-band conflict tarnish what was an enriching experience for me. Those three months basically weren't fun and when it stopped being as fun and amazing as it had been musically and socially, on the road and in the studio, it didn't make sense to be in Wilco anymore. For the guys still in the band that I really know, which is just John Stirratt at this point, I'm still on good terms with him, and I'm a fan of his work. As for Jeff Tweedy, periodically I attempt to get in touch with him. So far, he has chosen not to respond. Though I wish this weren't the case, I respect his decision."

Wow, that is cold Tweedy! For the full story check out the wonderful Wilco: Learning How to Die by Greg Kot (when Jay Farrar broke up with Jeff Tweedy, ending Uncle Tupelo—tear, Tweedy wept like a little baby) or the film I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (#1 on my Netflix queue as we speak).

Jay Bennett plays Third and Lindsley Sunday October 22.



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