VMAs... whaaaa?!?


Many, many things are confusing me about this year's MTV Video Music Awards:

1. The Raconteurs have been relegated to some sort of house band role—playing for like 5 sec. after commercial breaks—and they seem none too pleased about it. Actually, they look miserable. Who sold them on that idea?
2. Who the hell are Avenged Sevenfold? They just won best new artist and the lead singer had a lot of tattoos and even more muscles. Not to judge, but what is with music these days?
3. The joke about Brittany and K Fed being dumb and irresponsible fell flatter than day-old coke, the truth isn't funny. Actually, even with Jack Black hosting, I have yet to hear one genuinely funny thing.
4. I have never heard anyone, ever, say anything good, musically, about Jordan Catalano, excuse me, Jared Leto's band 30 seconds to Mars and yet there they are in the Best Rock category. Go figure.

Overall the whole thing is running very awkwardly and makes me feel out of touch...though this Hype Williams tribute thing is kind of cool.

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