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There's so much going on in Nashville's music scene that it can't possibly all make its way into the Scene's print version. We view this blog as supplemental coverage, a place for the Spin tidbits and reviews for which we don't always have space, for expansive coverage of the ever-changing local scene. We'll also bring you additional live music reviews, MP3s and all the latest hot-band buzz you didn't even know you wanted. If a great local band were, say, playing a secret show this Friday at The Basement, we would tell you about it right here, we really would. Why are members of How I Became the Bomb hitting the road to LA this week? Who just kicked out their bass player? Why is Wolfmother only finally coming to Nashville on their second tour? Will Chris Cobb bring the Exit/In to a whole new level of badass? You need answers, and we have them. Welcome.


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