Tonight: Nicole Callihan, James Tolan & Lorraine Doran at Parnassus



Nicole Callihan’s SuperLoop
  • Nicole Callihan’s SuperLoop
Author Event With Nicole Callihan, James Tolan & Lorraine Doran
When: 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 17
Where: Parnassus Books

There won’t be a sign-juggler on the sidewalk outside trying to lure you in the store, or any gimmicks to get your attention. No, it’s just three accomplished and widely published poets reading their work, all of them better ­— and better for you — than fast food.

Poet Nicole Callihan’s SuperLoop is a collection created in collaboration with Brooklyn artist Re Jin Lee that mixes serious edge-of-childhood anxiety with touches of humor. For instance: “This is the way / the Tilt-a-Whirl ends / not with a smile / but with a nice ass whisper.”

James Tolan is a writer — “prose poetry” is a tricky category, what with the apparent contradiction and all — who can make prose sing, and when he describes Muddy Waters’ car as “an old mint green Cadillac cool as cash,” you get the crossover.

It’s easy to see why Lorraine Doran’s Phrasebook of the Pleiades won the 2012 Cider Press Review Book Award — vivid imagery, mind-churning turns of phrase, like this from “Nocture: Shelter Island”: “a bouquet of rose stems, petals detached / by some blunt force, the bow: immaculate, / gathering back a short-lived joy.”

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