My Own Private Art Collection: Herb Williams



Untitled #11, Charles Clary
  • "Untitled #11," Charles Clary

[Editor's Note: My Own Private Art Collection is a series of posts by artists and curators who have agreed to share a few pieces from their own personal art collections and their ideas about collecting with Country Life readers. This week's contributor is Nashville-based artist Herb Williams. Williams will be sharing more work from his personal collection — as well as pieces borrowed from the area's top collectors — in OZ's TNT event this Thursday. Look for more about that event in this week's Scene.]

1. Charles Clary, "Untitled #11" (mixed media and hand-cut paper): Charles Clary's works mesmerize and astonish me. He hand cuts every sheet of paper, and then builds these insane abstract layers with more tiny hand-cut plastic spacers. Mr. Clary's work ethic is unreal, and just so admirable in that he makes work for hours on end EVERY day. His color choices in larger installations are an inspiration.

Untitled, Chris Scarborough
  • "Untitled," Chris Scarborough

2. Chris Scarborough, "Untitled" (oil on canvas): Chris Scarborough is best known for photographic manipulation, and his unparalleled skill in graphite renderings. However, every year Chris creates a large-scale oil painting. I bought this one from him the year of the BP spill. The explosion of color is propped up on wooden scaffolding that emerges from this oil slick that stretches to the horizon. Chris' use of color is hypnotic, but what is so interesting to me is his blend of abstraction with a nod to social commentary.

Untitled, Natalie Dunham
  • "Untitled," Natalie Dunham

3. Natalie Dunham, "Untitled" (mixed media and staples): Natalie Dunham is such an interesting artist. She is obsessed with ordinary industrial materials and supplies. Her sensibilities and arrangement of transferring the mundane into the extraordinary are borderline genius. She uses ordinary materials that we as a society overlook or view as commonplace, and she sees new possibilities everywhere.

The Problem with Man-Made Clouds, Sam Dunson
  • "The Problem with Man-Made Clouds," Sam Dunson

4. Sam Dunson, "The Problem with Man-Made Clouds" (oil on canvas): Sam Dunson is one of the best narrative painters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His voice is truly unique and profound. Sam's symbolism and metaphoric language are brutally honest, and he inspires me to see the everyday injustices that are hidden in plain sight.

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