Dr. Drew to Speak at Vanderbilt on March 20



Cool cognitive dissonance, bro.
  • Cool cognitive dissonance, bro.
Dr. Drew Pinksy, the celebrity doctor who wrote a book about celebrity narcissism that just so happens to feature his giant mug on the cover (cool cognitive dissonance bro), will be at Vanderbilt next Thursday to educate the talk-going public about the danger of pills. To wit:

Dr. Drew Pinsky will be the final speaker for the 2013-14 Project Dialogue Season. On Thursday, March 20th at 7:30pm in the Student Life Center Ballrooms, Pinsky will speak on “When Painkillers Become Dangerous.”

You know, between the continued presence of Dr. Drew any time television (HLN, MTV, VH1) needs an attractive, paternal professional to elucidate common-sense advice about drugs and sex and the bizarrely respectable rise of bro-comic Jimmy Kimmel to the upper echelons of late-night television hosting, I find myself with just one question: is Adam Carolla okay? (He’s fine.)

The event is free and open to the public.

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