Who Knew Reality Needed Extras?



I guess all of those late nights at the bar really happen at 2 p.m.

From the casting call for extras for Crazy Hearts, which is filming at Music City Tippler today, we note the following without comment (emphasis added):

Wardrobe Instructions:

Be sure to read and follow ALL wardrobe instructions given to the best of your ability.

Everyone should come wearing your favorite 1st outfit and bring 2-3 other complete changes! If you look in your closet and say “ I don’t know if this is what they want me to wear” bring it with you and the Costume Dept. will make the final decision for you.

HIP BAR PATRONS: You are hip and super cool but without trying. Hanging out in a dive bar. Jeans, hoodies, vintage pieces, hats, trucker hats, tees, sweaters, etc. Bring accessories, jewelry, purse, belts, etc. (*IF you have clothing that is on the “hipster” or “redneck chic” side of the spectrum, please wear/bring that too!)

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