LINEUP: A Live Comedy Taping, Tonight at The High Watt



Bad news, amateurs — Open House at Mercy Lounge is cancelled for the night, leaving you to try out your new Golden Globes material on some other unsuspecting schmucks. (Don't worry, you can save your “celebrities, they're just like us — drunk as hell” punchline for next week.) In lieu of the regularly scheduled open mic programming, the Juggerlos at Corporate Juggernaut are hosting what may be the first ever filmed local comedy special — LINEUP.

LINEUP is the natural progression from 2012's kickstarted Corporate Juggernaut live album, a semi-annual showcase of local comedy talents that will be filmed for posterity and released onto the Internet for people to anonymously attack it for not having enough Justin Bieber content.

This inaugural edition of the show features 14 of Nashville's most talented local comics, finally putting sets on video that wasn't shot from a flip phone: Will Copeland, Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott, Brett Cantrell, Paulina Combow, Sean Staggs, Doug Morenic, Mary Berger, Chad Riden, Chuck Anderson, Bryce Damuth, Da Herm, Brandon Jazz and Gary Fletcher. Phew. Each comic will do a short set, so you won't be there until four in the morning.

If you've ever wanted to get a sense of what's happening in local comedy right now, but the natural spottiness of an open mic has scared you away, this is your moment. Tickets are $5 at the door and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. at The High Watt.

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