Wanna Help a Nashville Filmmaker and Back 'Rocky Meets Boogie Nights?'



Ever seen a movie set against the high-stakes, sex-drugs-and-money backdrop of 1970s professional jai alai? Us either, but YouTube clips of the endeavor once described as "the fastest sport in the world" (thanks to triple-digit ball speeds) suggest a combination of racquetball, lacrosse and Rollerball. Its popularity has declined over the years in the U.S., but four decades ago (especially in Florida) it actually gained some traction as a betting sport.

Nashville filmmaker Shawn Foster wants to recreate the days when rock-star jai-alai athletes sold out frontons (arenas) and lived like kings in South Florida's coke-soaked underworld. Toward that end, Foster — a veteran music-video maker who's worked with everyone from the Deftones to the Drive-By Truckers, while directing episodes of HBO's popular Zane's Sex Chronicles — is mounting an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 toward his planned feature Urquidi, which he describes as "Rocky meets Boogie Nights" (!). So far he's raised $1,440 with 18 days to go, and the campaign ends Dec. 14.

Read more about it. And if you like what you see, scoop up some cash in your basket-shaped xistera and toss it Foster's way.

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