More Aliens! More Antichrists! The Visitor Held Over at Belcourt


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If you missed The Visitor, the apeshit-crazy Atlanta-filmed 1979 Italian sci-fi horror opus The Belcourt screened last weekend at midnight, fear not: The theater has held it over for a second weekend, gambling that last week's wild word of mouth will result in bigger crowds.

That's right. Your second chance to see Franco Nero as Space Jesus (and maybe try the drink of the same name at the concession counter). Your second chance to see John Huston orchestrate his bald minions high above Peachtree Street. Your second chance to see Shelley Winters do a lot of dusting. Your second chance to see a cast bonkers enough to contain Switchblade Sisters' Joanne Nail, Lance Henriksen and Sam Peckinpah (!), along with aquarium smashings, bird attacks, killer kids and the state of the art in Jimmy Carter-era low-budget psychedelia — accompanied by the kind of music you used to hear over, "And now Bob Lobertini with the weather!"

While you're waiting, put together a list of other forgotten oddball movies that Austin-based Drafthouse Films, The Visitor's rescuer from cinematic oblivion, should give the same treatment. They range from The Saragossa Manuscript to this weekend's Samurai Cop to a movie I've been dying to see, 2005's Japanese headscratcher Funky Forest: The First Contact. Know of any others?


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