Twin Peaks: Reel Rock vs. The Summit at The Belcourt



The Summit Official Trailer from Image Now on Vimeo.

If you're checking out the popular Reel Rock Film Tour of climbing and adventure films, which sets up camp 7 p.m. tonight at The Belcourt (tix $15), it should make for a conversation-starting comparison with The Summit, the disaster-in-real-life documentary opening Friday at the theater. Director Nick Ryan recounts the deadliest 48 hours in the history of climbing K2, the world's second highest peak, which claimed the lives of 11 climbers in a string of horrible (and still mysterious) misfortunes in August 2008.

The frequent re-creations are an irritating distraction from the truth, especially since the events remain tinged with controversy and accusations of cowardice and abandonment. But the movie captures some of the surviving climbers' oxygen-thin exhilaration and terror — and the mountain itself, with its precarious sheets of ice and knee-weakening vertices, looms like the shark in Jaws made mineral.

It screens through Oct. 24 as part of the Doctober lineup, of which the best is still yet to come — including two of the year's most talked-about docs, God Loves Uganda and Let the Fire Burn. More on those next week.

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