Bruce Greenwood in Stephen King-John Mellencamp Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Tonight at Ryman



Tickets remain for tonight's 7:30 p.m. Ryman performance of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the Stephen King-John Mellencamp-T Bone Burnett musical collaboration currently touring the country with a cast that features Bruce Greenwood (visible in the clip above). Stephen Trageser previews it in the current issue of the Scene:

In a little lakeside cabin in the backwoods of Louisiana, Joe McCandless' family members — the dead and the living — gather around him as he musters the courage to tell the true story of the tragedy that happened 40 years ago in that very room. Keeping the secret burns like acid in his veins, and so does the thought of revealing the truth — which may be his only chance to save his sons from sharing their uncles' tragic fate. So begins Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a musical theater piece brewed up by novelist Stephen King, master of all things macabre, and roots rocker John Mellencamp, who knows all too well what darkness lurks in the heart of small-town America.

Despite their standing as two of the most popular and gifted storytellers of the past half-century, King and Mellencamp had no prior experience in theater, and knew they needed skilled hands to bring their creation to life. For 13 years, the project fermented, tended first by T Bone Burnett, who arranged the music and produced the all-star album of the piece, and later by veteran director Susan Booth, who brought it to the stage. ...

Bruce Greenwood, who plays Joe McCandless, is best known for his portrayals of John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days and James T. Kirk's mentor Christopher Pike in two Star Trek films, but before becoming a professional actor, he toured as lead singer and guitarist in a rock band. His musical chops are evident as he grinds through his self-doubt in the brooding "What Kind of Man Am I" and struggles with the pain of secret-keeping in "How Many Days." ...

Read the full story here. Tickets are $39.50-$69.50.

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