Artober Nashville: Belcourt's 'Doctober' Starts Tonight with Inequality for All, Panel Talk



In this week's Scene, Laura Hutson talks with Jen Cole, director of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission, about the month-long bonanza of cultural opportunities that has come to be branded as Artober Nashville. Every day this month, from here on out, Bites will offer a daily post spotlighting an event under the Artober Nashville umbrella, be it a gallery opening, a play, an opera, a museum exhibit, or one of the many participatory events Metro Arts has lined up through Oct. 31.

Tonight is the kickoff of The Belcourt's excellent "Doctober" survey of current documentaries, and one that's been getting a lot of attention is Inequality for All, which opens tonight with a panel discussion at the theater. From this week's Scene:

In Jacob Kornbluth's Inequality for All, former labor secretary Robert Reich argues that America's widening income inequality is a looming disaster, and he attacks the issue from vantage points such as wealth consolidation, wage stagnation and globalization. To kick off its monthlong "Doctober" series of high-profile current documentaries, The Belcourt follows the 7 p.m. screening Friday with a high-powered panel discussion hosted by Nashville Public Radio's Blake Farmer. On hand will be Martha Wettemann, statistical analyst supervisor for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development; Mario Mercado, representative from the Workers Dignity Project; and Luke Froeb, William C. Oehmig Chair of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University's Owen School of Management.

That's just the start. Also playing Friday through Sunday and again Oct. 10 is Bill Siegel's The Trials of Muhammad Ali, which uses archival footage to recount the boxing great's awakening political conscience and controversial decision to drop his "white man's name," Cassius Clay.

"Doctober" continues all month; see the complete list of films here. And check out the list of Artober highlights Laura provides in this week's issue.

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