The Beast Cometh: The Sandlot 10 a.m. Saturday at Belcourt



If you’re curious where this week’s Scene cover came from, our old buddy Ham from The Sandlot whipped it up. We snapped a couple of pics, and voila! Fall Guide cover.

OK, so I’m not exactly sure who cooked up the scrumptious treat gracing the cover. But thinking about s’mores takes me back to the tree house to hang out with Ham, Smalls and Benjamin Franklin “Benny the Jet” Rodriguez — the kiddos from the early '90s gem The Sandlot.

The Belcourt is being especially good to kids of the ’90s this month (Space Jam screens next week!!), with The Sandlot screening at 10 a.m. tomorrow as part of the theater’s Saturday Morning Kids Shows.

You know about The Sandlot: a kid accidentally loses his stepdad’s Babe Ruth-signed ball to a yard believed to be guarded by a lore-ridden monster dog called “The Beast.” Friends in neighborhood attempt to get ball back, grow up in process. Oh, and Ham delivers the immortal line, “You’re killing me, Smalls!”

While I never really “connected” with the movie’s baseball moments when I was a kid, primarily because I was bad at baseball (and all other organized sports. to be exact), I still found a lot of the coming-of-age tropes to be quite relatable. I still fondly remember the days of being a rambunctious youngster, gathering all the neighborhood kids for misadventures.

The Sandlot
’s got its naysayers — only a 63 percent on Rotten Tomatoes? c’mon fellow critics! — but for people who grew up with the movie, it’s one of the “essentials” that always gets brought up in conversations about childhood film favorites.

Roger Ebert put it best about The Sandlot when he wrote “this is a movie ... that allows its kids to be kids, that shows them in the insular world of imagination and dreaming that children create entirely apart from adult domains and values.”

If you or your kids have yet to see The Sandlot, it may be time to break out the wooden bat and head on over to the lot by The Belcourt on Saturday. OK, you’ll have to go inside to watch the movie — but as long as you’re away from the cars, feel free to carry on a pick-up game afterwards. I’ll bring the morale and Gatorade.

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