Rarely Shown Antonio das Mortes at Third Man Thursday Night


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Here’s a movie toss-up we can safely say you’ll never face again in Nashville: Shaun of the Dead, or Antonio of the Dead.

Come to think of it, we bet it’s been at least three (maybe four) decades since a Nashville theater showed a film by Glauber Rocha, a leading light of Brazil’s gritty 1960s “Cinema Novo” movement along with Nelson Pereira dos Santos and Carlos Diegues. Rocha won Best Director honors at Cannes for his politically charged 1969 allegory Antonio das Mortes, which brings back the shadowy gunslinger Mauricio do Valle played in Rocha’s 1964 breakthrough film Black God, White Devil. Hired by a wealthy landowner to dispatch what he’s told are cangaceiros (outlaws who prowl Brazil’s dust-blown sertao), Antonio das Mortes sets about his grim task, only to face a crisis of conscience best settled with bullets and machetes.

Recommended to fans of spaghetti Westerns and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s near-contemporaneous El Topo, it screens 7 p.m. Thursday at Third Man Records on 16mm as part of programmer James Cathcart’s excellent film series The Light and Sound Machine — 31 years to the day after director Rocha’s death from a lung infection at age 42.

Tickets are $10 ($8 for members of the co-sponsoring Belcourt). Below: another kick-ass Jay Shaw LSM poster.



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