Calling All Doodlers: Open Call for Sketchbooks from Watkins Handmade & Bound Festival



Sketchbooks by Lesley Patterson-Marx
  • Sketchbooks by Lesley Patterson-Marx

This year, Watkins' third annual Handmade & Bound Festival — which takes place on Oct. 4 & 5 — is supplementing its excellent selection of printed matter with an exhibition of sketchbooks, and they want you to send them yours.

From the press release:

This year in the gallery for H&BN, The Sketchbook Collective will showcase the artist's most loyal friend: the accessible, affordable and adaptable sketchbook. Local artists, musicians, writers and other professionals are invited to submit their own sketchbooks (defined as a set of blank pages, bound or unbound, used for spontaneous, quick drawings, notes, verses, collages or more) to highlight the importance of these artistic forms in a creative life.

Participants will be recognized at the exhibition’s opening reception on Friday, Oct. 4, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Currey Gallery on the Watkins campus.

I don't know about you, but I'm often just as interested in the process of writing a song, making a painting, or designing a building as I am with the finished product. Give me a good blueprint or beat-up composition book over a pristine, untouchable objet d'art any day (I'm using a sarcastic French accent here, in case you can't tell — no offense, Frenchies).

Send your sketchbook submissions to Watkins Community Education, 2298 Rosa Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37228. Be sure to include your name, profession, mailing address, telephone number and email. Check out Handmade & Bound's Sketchbook Collective website for more details, and read the Scene's coverage of 2011 and 2012's Handmade & Bound Fests for a comprehensive idea of what to expect.

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