Art Crawl 2.0: Wedgewood-Houston and Fifth Avenue Combine Forces on Saturday


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The Mediums Session, installation view
  • The Medium's Session, installation view

Downtown Art Crawl
When: 6-9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3
Where: Fifth Avenue

Wedgewood-Houston Art Crawl:
When: 5:30-11 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3
Where: 516 Hagan St., 500 Houston St., and 427 Chesnut St.

The downtown art crawl has brought attention to local galleries, enlivened the downtown scene and exposed tons of Nashvillians to ideas they may not have seen otherwise. But with Twist, long thought to be the anchor of the crawl, closing up shop last month after seven years, some people are left wondering: What’s going to happen to the Crawl?

Read Joe Nolan’s report from the frontlines in his Crawl Space column, and stick around to see what develops concurrently in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood.

An updated version of the popular after-crawl parties The Brick Factory had begun hosting at their Cummins Station location, this First Saturday event aims to extend Nashville’s designated art-night across several neighborhoods with offerings from Zeitgeist, Fort Houston and some Chestnut Square studios. Will it succeed in multiplying the efforts of the downtown crawl, or will it alienate the audience the crawl has already cultivated? Will it split the art audience into two halves? Stay tuned — we’ll let you know.


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