Write Your Own Episode of The Newsroom!


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MINOR CHARACTER (rushing in): Setting scene with reference to something topical two years ago as if it were happening THIS VERY MINUTE, sir!

EMILY MORTIMER: In my British accent, I will restate what you just told me, only snidely.

MINOR CHARACTER: Delivering Wikipedia entry as fast as I —

SAM WATERSTON: — finish your sentence for you at breakneck —

JEFF DANIELS: Glum utterance accompanied by pensive scowl, perhaps digressive comic reference to pop culture detail.

EMILY MORTIMER: Exasperation! With a British accent!

JEFF DANIELS: Shock effect! Lip service to notion that conservatives are just like humans! Now everybody rise for the AUTHOR'S MESSAGE.

Silence. (Let it sink in.)

Pad out with drinking, bantering, YouTube mishaps, humanizing romantic misadventures to show News Gatherers Are People Too, etc. Repeat.


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