Hit Horror Anthology V/H/S/2 with Producer Roxanne Benjamin Tonight at Belcourt



Last year's horror anthology V/H/S had a can't-miss gimmick: a "found footage" movie consisting of a stash of VHS tapes, with each segment directed by a different filmmaker. At the intersection of mumblecore and indie horror, V/H/S became a hit when introduced on demand, and you know what happens when a low-budget genre movie makes money, right? SEQUEL!

The much-improved V/H/S/2 screens tonight and tomorrow night at The Belcourt, and while it's as spotty as its predecessor, the highs are much higher — particularly a grisly first-person zombie massacre by Gregg Hale and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) and a balls-out cult apocalypse co-directed by The Raid: Redemption's Gareth Huw Evans.

See it tonight at the theater, and you get a special treat: a Skype visit from former Belcourt staffer made good Roxanne Benjamin, who produced both V/H/S films (and appears to have a lucrative franchise on her hands). Jason Shawhan moderates. Click here for more information.

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