Chapter 16 Podcast Interview With Marc Maron, at Zanies July 18-20



Marc Maron
  • Marc Maron
Chapter 16's Stephen Usery recently had a chance to interview Marc Maron — appearing at Zanies tonight through Saturday — and the podcast is available here. It's a pretty entertaining listen, particularly since Usery and Maron dig deep into one of our favorite topics: Prince's Hot Chicken Shack.

And below, read what Lance Conzett has to say about Maron in this week's Scene:

There’s this irritating logical fallacy haunting the music industry — usually stated by armchair psychologists with a subscription to Rolling Stone — that suggests once a musician kicks drugs, their art is no longer as valid as it was when they were high as a kite. And while Marc Maron isn’t a musician — though you wouldn’t know it by the blues-guitar wailing he enjoys from time to time when musicians drop by his cat ranch for appearances on the WTF podcast — that theory hangs right over his head. Now that Maron, a famously neurotic curmudgeon, is succeeding both personally and professionally, can he still be funny? Even if he’s still steeped in a terrible swamp of frustration and self-loathing? Yes, dummy, he can — and is. Maron’s as sharp and cynical as ever, and even though he’s become a figurehead for comedy in a new media landscape, he’s still got plenty to complain about. And FYI, Stone Temple Pilots were sucking long before any of them sobered up.

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