Last Night's Party: 'You Ought To Know Nashville, Episode One' Premiere at The Stone Fox




From Sesame Street to Downton Abbey, many of us share a lifelong love affair with PBS. As a kid, Sesame Street was one of the only shows that I was allowed to watch (oddly enough, the super sexist Smurfs cartoon was one of the others, but that's totally irrelevant). Years later, as a broke recent college grad with no disposable income for cable, I became addicted to PBS-aired BBC sitcoms like As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, and — my favorite — Are You Being Served?

So, I knew my love affair would continue with the launch of You Ought To Know Nashville, which we we told you about last week. The You Ought To Know Nashville series is a new collaboration between Nashville Public Television (NPT), our local PBS affiliate, and Under the Guise's Heidi Jewell. Yesterday, PBS hosted a launch party for the new series at the Stone Fox. We tagged along to get a first look at the episode, featuring Nashville legend Prince's Hot Chicken and new Nashville hotspot Husk.

At the launch, NPT director of media relations and online strategies and the show's executive producer Joe Pagetta told the story behind the collaboration, explaining that even though Jewell approached him NPT about working together, he's still waiting to have his photo taken for her street style blog over at Under the Guise. (Heidi, if you're reading this, he is kind of a professional model ... ahem.)

Before introducing the first episode, Jewell enthused that as a lifelong PBS fan, she was thrilled to work with NPT on the show. I tried to take some pictures with my iPhone, and this is what happened ...


So, yeah, that's pretty much all I have, because all of the ones I took of Heidi were blurry. Sorry, Heidi, because you did look lovely yesterday.

Anyway, the rest of you should just watch the episode.

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