Staggering Genius Alert: One Hour Left Until Sharknado!



Just one hour from now, as every American knows who's concerned with deadly weather and predatory fish, Sharknado premieres on the Syfy channel. We had our doubts, but after this must-read io9 interview with screenwriter Thunder Levin, we are totally sold:

How are the sharks cognizant enough to keep biting people while they're flying through the air?

If you were a shark and you found yourself flying through the air, wouldn’t you keep biting? I think you’d be pretty pissed about being plucked out of your nice familiar ocean where you’re king of the predators, and you’d probably take it out on whoever got in your way. Honestly, I don’t understand why people are so perplexed by this concept. The logic is undeniable.

How many sharks does an average sharknado contain? How many sharks are ejected per 5-minute period?

I can’t count that high.

Aren't the sharks at least as much victims of the sharknado as humans are?

Ah, well, now we’re into the larger philosophical issues of the film. What does it say about humans that when poor displaced sharks are ravaged by nature’s uncaring fury we try to kill them with chainsaws? I think we need to take a good long look in the mirror over that one.

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