Fort Houston Announces Gallery Opening, First Round of Classes




Fort Houston's rough patch this spring and the zoning hearing success that followed gave us a preview of future growing pains and a testament to the city's willingness to solve them. This morning, the folks at the Southside arts education collective, which shares a building at 500 Houston St. with moped garage/erstwhile venue The Zombie Shop and Grand Palace Silkscreen, announced a boatload of exciting news, including their first gallery show and a slew of new classes.

First things first: Abstract painter Dustin Hedrick's work will be on display at the space this Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. Hedrick offered the following description of his work, quoted in the release:

There are no lyrics in this body of work. Rather, a symphony of color and texture entertain on a visceral level. This space celebrates the passage of time through texture and collage while providing "a place of rest" from a commodity-driven culture, saturated with stimulus. Through these objects, I question the boundary between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, painting and sculpture, representations and reality.

Shortly thereafter, classes begin. July is rounded out with one-hour orientations to the on-site wood shop, moped/bike shop, and printing facilities that will be accessible by the hour to citizens who've completed training, and to members at discounted rates. The August schedule includes hands-on courses in milling your own lumber, building mortise and tenon joints, and cutting boards properly, as well as an introductory lecture in "The Joy of Mopedding," with practical follow-ups in the works on everything you need to know to keep your moped alive, from the mechanics of a 2-cycle engine to rebuilding a carburetor.

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