July in Comedy: W. Kamau Bell, Marc Maron, Pug Hugs [Stand-Up Round-Up]


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Happy July, stand-up comedy fans! After last month’s stand-up round-up proved to be a useful exercise in showing that comedy shows are happening in Nashville pretty much all the damn time, we’ve decided to make this a monthly feature on Country Life. Below, you’ll find all of the stand-up comedy you could possibly desire for the month of July.

Open Mics

Open House at Mercy Lounge Billiard Room (Mondays) — The flagship show of Corporate Juggernaut, hosted by Gary Fletcher. Each comic gets five minutes, with sign-up starting at 8 p.m. and the show going on at 8:30 p.m. Keep in mind that you’ll need to enter from the Mercy Lounge deck once 8 Off 8th starts at 9:00 p.m.

Ultimate Comedy Open-Mic at The East Room (Tuesdays) — Open House’s little brother, hosted by Brad Edwards and backed up by The Grey Greys (Gary Fletcher and Sean Parrott, on drums and guitar respectively). Sign-up starts at 8 p.m. and the show begins at 8:30 p.m. Enter through the alley.

Open Mic Contest at Spanky’s (Tuesdays) — The oldest running open mic in town, hosted by Joe Southards. Funniest comic gets a Fresca! Least funny comic might get a Fresca thrown at him/her! Sign-up starts at 8 p.m., show begins at 8:30 p.m.

Dive Laughing at Springwater (This Wednesday, 7/3) — Hosted by Sean Parrott. Prepare to get weird. Sign-up is at 9 p.m. and show at 9:30 p.m. Once I saw Dave Cloud doing stand-up here and it made everyone kinda uncomfortable.

Touch the Mic at Jazz & Jokes (Thursdays) — No longer sharing the calendar with Wild ‘N Out Winsday, an improv comedy show based on the MTV series of the name, the open mic hosted at Jazz & Jokes has gone weekly. Nashville’s only urban-focused open mic runs Thursdays, with drink specials until 11 p.m. and free cover until 10 p.m. Sign-up starts at 8 p.m.

Monthly Shows

Comedy Pug Hugs at Café Coco (7/6) — Comedy Pug Hugs, the newly founded variety show hosted by Paulina Combow and Mary Jay Berger, returns to the back room of Café Coco this Saturday. This month features a strong line-up, including Drew Shannon, Brian Bates, Renard Hirsch, Milk Punch Brothers and local comic done good Nate Bargatze. Cover is $5, with doors opening at 7:30 p.m.

Girl On Girl Comedy & Revue at Zanies (7/10) — A comedy showcase dedicated specifically to female and GLBT comedians, sponsored by Out & About. The “males be forewarned” disclaimer is a bit eye-roll worthy, but we support any show specifically designed to give local women more stage time. This show includes performances by Christy Eidson, Amanda Tankersley, Heidi Erwin, Janet Williams and Burlesque dancer Lux-o-matic. $10, starts at 7:30 p.m.

Kamikaze Kitten at Dino’s (7/10) — The monthly show hosted by NashvilleStandUp.com proprietor Chad Riden. No word yet on who will be performing this month, but Dino’s has a credit card machine now. If that eighth wonder of the world isn’t enough to get you through the door for a free comedy show, I don’t know what will. Starts around 8:30 p.m.

Pictures of Fireworks at Fido (7/31) — In what can only be described as a world-class bummer, we said good-bye to Jane Borden last month, who has moved with her husband to sunny Los Angeles. In her last act before leaving, she passed the Pictures of Fireworks torch over to the highly capable hands of Meredith Whitsett and Heather LeRoy, who will co-host from this point forward. Pictures of Fireworks is a monthly storytelling show in the vein of Risk and The Moth, offering stories by both booked storytellers and audience members.


Melanie Comarcho at Jazz & Jokes (7/5-6) - As part of Katt Williams' crew, Comarcho has been highlighted as the archetypical independent black woman, regularly attempting to take the dudes she finds herself on tour down a few pegs by talking frankly about sex and taking potshots at egos along the way. We can only assume that touring with Katt Williams has been a treasure trove for that sort of gender dynamics style of comedy.

Aries Spears at Zanies (7/11-14) - Remember MADtv? Remember the only parts of MADtv that weren't totally insufferable? Aries Spears was probably in one of those sketches. Frankly, I'd pay $10 just to watch him do Shaq impressions.

The Totally Biased Stand Up Tour at Cannery Ballroom (7/14) — San Francisco comedian and Totally Biased host W. Kamau Bell returns to Nashville, upgrading from High Watt to Cannery Ballroom. Bell’s comedy is hilarious and thoughtful, which landed him gigs opening for comedians like Dave Chappelle in the past. Along for the ride are Totally Biased writers Janine Brito, Kevin Kataoka and Aparna Nancherla.

Ralphie May at Zanies (7/17 & 24) — Surely y'all know Ralphie May at this point, right? If not, enjoy this video of him and Bert Kreischer singing a Ke$ha song on stage yesterday. Hoo boy.

Marc Maron at Zanies (7/18-20) — If you’ve gotten this far in a post about stand-up comedy without knowing who Marc Maron is, you’re doing something wrong. Even with the success of his podcast and IFC sitcom, Maron's cynical wit is as cutting as ever. Don't come in expecting a softer, kinder Maron — as the 10 minutes of monologuing before each episode of WTF suggest, he's just as ornery as ever.

Don “D.C.” Curry at Zanies (7/25-28) - Straight out of the '90s, Don "D.C." Curry is probably best known as Uncle Elroy from the two Friday sequels. Honestly, I haven't seen a whole lot from Curry since his 2008 special on Comedy Central, but dude's funny. I don't see that changing any time soon.

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