50 Great Works of Video Art That You Can Watch Online, Via Flavorwire


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Just in time for Seed Space's upcoming video art exhibition 100 Videoartists to Tell a Century, Flavorwire's Reid Singer has culled 50 great examples of the medium, all of which are available to view online. Singer's introduction to the post names a few reasons why video art has been unable to shake its reputation as fussy or overly esoteric.

There are several reasons why video art is underexposed. Part of it has to do with the hard-to-shake reputation that video art is just too campy and esoteric — an opinion espoused by Jack Donaghy and anyone else who believes that art is exclusively paintings of men on horses. Another reason is the attitude that of a lot of influential, opinionated video artists share: they simply aren’t comfortable offering their wares to just anyone, and would rather sell the things they’ve made on glitzy-looking DVDs to a few collectors and museums, as they would a painting or a sculpture.

The selections range from the canonical — like Warhol's infamous "Blowjob" (watch a clip above and try not to think that the subject could be your grandfather's age by now) and Joseph Beuys' slice of 1982 "Sonne statt Reagan" — to contemporary pieces from Cory Arcangel and Gillian Wearing. The post is a primer on video art that treats the Internet "like a never-ending museum that is always growing and never closes."

Read the rest of the post and watch the videos here.


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