Bad Boy Squared: John Waters Interviews Harmony Korine at the Provincetown International Film Festival



Over the weekend, Nashville filmmaker Harmony Korine, who shook up the cinema world earlier this year with Spring Breakers, received the Filmmaker on the Edge Award at the Provincetown International Film Festival. As part of the festivities, legendary director John Waters did an onstage interview with Korine. The Film Society of Lincoln Center's blog,, has the highlights.

Meanwhile, a June 15 festival preview story in The Boston Globe had one of our favorite quotes of the year:

As for this year’s Filmmaker on the Edge conversation, Waters will be hosting aging enfant terrible Harmony Korine, whose latest film, Spring Breakers (screening in the festival) polarized critical opinion. “I thought it was delightful,” opined Waters about the film. “It was like Where the Boys Are meets Scarface. A friend said, ‘That was the most irresponsible movie I ever saw.’ I said, 'come on — it’s not that good!’ ”

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