NaFF Favorite Kon-Tiki Docks Today at Green Hills



An edge-of-your seat adventure that has already captured the hearts of millions opens Friday at Green Hills — and it's not Man of Steel.

An audience favorite at this year's Nashville Film Festival, Kon-Tiki is an engrossing spectacle at sea that dramatizes legendary explorer Thor Heyerdahl's quest to sail a hand-crafted raft (the Kon-Tiki) and its crew across the ocean to prove a theory about the migration of the Polynesian people. Though it was this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee from Norway, we’ll be getting the English version, as the filmmakers decided to shoot two versions simultaneously in Norwegian and English (which I find awesome).

At this year's NaFF I was fortunate enough to find a seat in Theater 16 (Green Hills' largest screen) and dive into one of the most gorgeous-looking films I’ve seen in years. Somewhat akin to the similarly sea-bound Life of Pi, Kon-Tiki’s visual splendor stems from the film’s painterly art direction and lush cinematography (lensman Geir Hartly Andreassen deserved an Oscar nod for his work and should have a bright future ahead of him).

Directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg take Thor and company on a nail-biting journey, as the crew battles hungry sharks, the elements, cabin fever, and a lack of respect from the scientific community. It's easy to see why Rønning and Sandberg recently booked a gig on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie: their skill at mounting aquatic action on the raft's tight quarters will likely come in handy aboard the Black Pearl. They'd be wise to bring along the film's Thor, Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, as he provides a magnetic presence whenever he's on screen. (A Pirates 5 villain, maybe?)

Kon-Tiki may not have the same marketing push as its megaplex competition, but the season's best popcorn adventure so far has docked in local theaters in the middle of the summer movie rush. If you’re not already making plans to see Supes in action — which you should, judging by some of the early reviews — a trip aboard the Kon-Tiki is recommended.

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