Greta Gerwig Appears at Belcourt Via Skype Friday



The last time we saw rising star Greta Gerwig in these parts, she was standing in the Green Hills lobby after a Nashville Film Festival screening of her 2008 breakout film Hannah Takes the Stairs. (I'd offer details of our conversation, but frankly all I remember is being somewhat flustered talking to someone I'd just seen naked.) Not long after that, her career took off and she started getting major roles in movies by Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach (as well as the romantic lead in the remake of Arthur).

Her latest, Frances Ha, which she co-wrote with director Baumbach, is both a star vehicle and a love letter to Allen's black-and-white Manhattan as well as the past half-century of French cinema, from Godard to Leos Carax. Thanks to the magic of Skype, she'll host a Q&A after the 7:30 p.m. opening-night screening Friday at The Belcourt. Watch tomorrow's Scene for Steve Erickson's review.

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