Meet Your New Basil Marceaux: The Amazing Internetting of Chuck Mangino



The folks at 1100 Broadway are killin' it today! First off, hats off to Joey Garrison for the story on Fort Houston's parking woes and a big old high-five to Heidi Hall for finding Tennessee's hot new Internet trainwreck Chuck Mangino. My initial reaction to the title "Tennessee man says microwave technology can stop tornadoes" was a bit snarky (for reasons I'm sure you can understand) but by the time I hit the final line I knew that they had found gold. Look at this paragraph:

Another Mangino invention is a ping-pong game he controls using headgear and plays with his cat, Picadilly. There’s also a YouTube video on that.

That's like secret journalism code for "OMG LOOK AT THIS FREAK!!!" The whole article is basically the set up for one of the funniest cat videos I've seen in ages. Kudos, Heidi Hall, you've just won the internet. Thank you for brightening my day.

Mangino's "SOFT KITTEN SONG" after the jump...

And since we're here, let's watch the psychic ping-pong cat video again:

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