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Most adorbs call for crowdfunding ever?

Be warned: clicking around the IndieGoGo page for the forthcoming Trespass Gallery will suck you into an Internet black hole. It starts as innocent intrigue — who wouldn't be intrigued by the idea of an urban contemporary art gallery on Fifth Avenue in the old Ha Factory location? — and then a couple hours later you come up for air, thoroughly clicked-out, your brain swimming in beautiful imagery. Which is a good sign for the gallery-to-be! Trespass is the brainchild of visual artist and badass shoe designer, Vince Herrera — aka Bad Panda — a member of Miami's vibrant street art scene and, quite frankly, something this city really needs.

Nashville's street art scene has been thriving, but having a devoted gallery that's centrally located and geared toward community participation will take it to the next level. I personally feel that street art should be shown alongside more traditional fine art and not cordoned off from the rest of the art scene, but I'll settle for a space across the street from the traditional fine art. (I would also settle for folks just covering Fifth Ave. in graffiti, but I'm not trying to cause any trouble. Wink-wink.)

It should be noted that IndieGoGo isn't the same as Kickstarter — any amount you pledge to the project goes goes to the project, no matter how many other people pledge. None of this "Ha-ha, fuck you, you don't get any money!" chicanery for less popular. Trespass Gallery also has some nice perks for those that contribute, so go give big and let's give Urban art a downtown home. And if this doesn't happen, don't be surprised if you find Fifth covered from top to bottom in Krylon one morning.


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