Tonight: Robbie Hunsinger's Skitter Flutter at Seed Space




Robbie Hunsinger: Skitter Flutter
When: Opening Reception 6-8 p.m. Friday, May 10
Where: Seed Space, 427 Chestnut St.

Twice a year, around 5 million birds fly through Chicago. While it may at first seem like a comical setup (“This, sir, is an ex-parrot!”), potential collisions with windows and skyscrapers are a very real, very devastating fact of life during Chicago’s migratory season.

Nashville-based artist Robbie Hunsinger is from Chicago, and not only is she a bighearted bird-lover — she founded an organization dedicated to migratory bird rescue — she’s also an incredibly dynamic musician and sound artist. Her PlayStation hacks and duets with Arduino snare drums have dovetailed (ahem) with her passion for bird rescue, and the resulting sound installation is opening tonight at Seed Space.

“Sounds pull the viewer in” she says, “but dissipate upon investigation, much as crickets grow quiet as we approach.” Imagine bird songs mixed with jazz mixed with robots mixed with free wine, and you might come close to understanding what you’re in for.

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