What To Wear On Your Head For Steeplechase



In case you misplaced your social calendar, let this serve as a reminder that Saturday is the 72nd Iroquois Steeplechase, when more than 25,000 spectators gather to celebrate a day at the races (that is not in reference to the excellent Queen album, but, rather, actual horse racing).

Now, I'm not going to get into the debate on horse racing or the very sad thing that happened at last year's Steeplechase, I'm just going to talk about headgear. Because, just like Halloween gives girls the excuse to dress scandalously and blame it on the holiday ...

... Steeplechase gives girls the excuse to wear an outrageous hat sans fear! Seriously, we're not all super hip(ster), rocking our vintage-looking hats perched just so on our meticulously disheveled heads. On Steeplechase day, you can unleash your elegant inner Kate Middleton:




Or, perhaps, you relate more to those other princesses with awesomely weird head accoutrements:


But maybe you'd rather have a hat that you can actually wear more than once, because an outlandish Steeplechase hat is kind of like a bridesmaid dress, isn't it? And lord knows we don't need any more unwearables in our closets.

SOCA Clothing in Green Hills is carrying the locally created, handmade Fanny & June line throughout May 11. You can find a bunch of pretty, more traditional spring and summer styles in the store:


But if I were you, I would go for this silk flowery number, also available on the Fanny & June Etsy store:


And as long as we're talking about wearing flowers on our heads, it might be too late to order one of these for Steeplechase, but aren't you dying for one of these incredible headbands by local artist and high school senior Zoe Schlacter? We suggest ordering one now for next year, but try to stop yourself from wearing it to your next pool party or picnic. I predict these will be EVERYWHERE. Zoe sells them on Etsy, so go support a fabulous young local artist.




So, I guess the point I'm trying to get at is, it doesn't matter if you're going to Steeplechase or not, you should still wear something rad on your head. Head decorations conceal dirty hair, overgrown roots, and they're just fun.

And if you are going to Steeplechase, please don't be one of those asshats that pukes on other people's shoes. It's a civilized occasion, people.

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